Friday, September 17, 2010

Republicans learn to spell Murkowski

Was I ever wrong! Who knew that our little lisa, the state representative, and now Alaska Senator, the girl who for her entire political career  has done nothing but tow the party line and say no, would stand up to the party of regression, suppression and wage a write in campaign for her (our) senate seat?

Only that great america senator strom thurmond was able to win his (our) seat with a write in campaign, and that was back in 1954. strom just like lisa was on the wrong side of many issues. Only poor strom had to switch parties from Democrat to republican to remain on the wrong side of the civil rights issue. lisa won't have to do any thing that drastic if she win's in November, as the republicans have ALL the bad ideas now!

 I though this was a Scott McAdams Rally We Were Going To

RUN LISA RUN they chanted over and over as she hugged her way from the back of the room to the stage. I stood with some public radio people and  pro camera people up towards the stage. One of the camera men had on a hoodie from my union. He was a nice fellow and let me get plenty of shots of the stage.

As the lisa love in continued my mind flashed back to this child, and her smile. When she is as old as most of us at the love in she can thank republicans for a planet with out glaciers  a mostly dead ocean and a future with out oxygen.
Everyone chanted...Run Lisa Run

Yes lets make history!
Lets elect people that  insist  on renewable geo thermal from Mt Spurr
Lets elect people that make PEACE the sustaining force in our economy instead of war
We need leaders that have Science and Reason not Religion and Superstition
The lisa love in was only for profit...Nothing to keep us alive... The cheering got louder as I got myself  OUT OF THERE.

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