Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Don't ask Don't Tell Don't Serve!

Today the homophobic senate republicans stood on one foot then the other and successfully blocked the repel of the obsolete policy of Don't ask Don't tell. The even brought out John McCain (you remember him the man who brought sp 1.0 to the national stage) to huff and puff and exclaimed " The Democrats were only raising this bill to raise theatrics for the  up coming election. Well if anyone ought to know about great fiction it would be John.

Today on Talk Of Alaska Scott McAdams was the guest. I hadn't heard him speak on the important issues like he did today. Un like miller or lisa Scott is on the right side of education, jobs, the economy, and most important renewable energy. But don't believe me listen to Scott yourself here is the link to the podcast.

If you can't download just e mail me. Link at the top of the page and I can get you a cd of the show.
Thanks to the old bull rider for presenting such a fantastic program as Talk of Alaska

 Steve Heimel and Scott McAdams in the KAKM Studio for Talk of Alaska


  1. Love the photo of the soldiers!

    From the entire state of Arizona, I apologize for McCain. At least his daughter has some common sense. Not sure she can save the party, though.

  2. Glad you liked it!
    It's one wild election cycle...

  3. 10% say they will leave if forced to servr with gays. I beleve I would smash a man in the face if he stared at me while I was peeing.
    A war vet