Thursday, September 16, 2010

Moaning Maggie

San Pedro Breakwater in  Los Angeles Harbor, California up until 1959 the old deep-throated two tone fog horn was  known to locals as "Moaning Maggie". That horn was  was replaced by a higher-pitched single-tone horn. The new horn, nicknamed "Blatting Betty," was disliked by local mariners for years.

Los Angeles Harbor Light former home to Moaning Maggie

We have had our share of fog here in the Anchorage Bowl this past week, and our own Moaning Maggie, well actually Moaning Lisa is set to announce her big decision tomorrow Friday September 17, 2010.
The big announcement concerns if she will wage a write in campaign to regain her (our)  senate seat from tea bagger miller. Here at Ice Gal's we are waiting just like everyone else to see how the drama plays out, and we have taken a look into our Crystal ball to see the future...

What do we see? Well we see lisa continuing to toe the line for the party of regression. We see lisa not waging a write in campaign and we see lisa not standing up for Alaska  by supporting Scott McAdams but sadly endorsing miller.
Check back to see how it played out... Watch out for fog

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