Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mr. Jingles comes to visit.

Mr. Jingles lives way over on the east end of town with the love of his live, his main man J. But when J goes out of town like he did last week well Jingles goes to pieces, and well he sleeps around.
I got the call yesterday that he wanted to come over, so after work I swung by big Art's to pick him up. His licence won't allow him to drive, and I thought big Art might come by to get him later, but when they met me at the door Jingles had his blanket, his special food, even his own cup I knew he would be spending the night.
Before I could get him in the car he started screaming like a school girl. Oh my lands was he glad to see me.
I don't know what him and Art had been up to but once in the car he couldn't keep his paws off me. I finally had to stop and just go for a walk with him, so he could mellow out and recover from his time with big Art.
Now don't get me wrong Jungles is very nice, but also very needy. He thinks you ought to do everything for him. On top of that he requires almost constant attention. He is not great at conversation, but he has a great laugh, almost like a bark. I guess the payback for having him around is he keeps you amused and he is a babe magnet! So we might be stepping out later...


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