Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Register To Vote

The deadline to register to vote in the upcoming November election is Sunday October 3, 2010. The division of elections office will be open that day so if you haven't already you can register on the last day. Use the link for more information if you need.

Now people use all kinds of excuses on why they do not vote. My vote doesn't count. All the politicians are crooks, and a new favorite "I served in the military so I don't have to vote if I don't want to"
The fact of the matter is no valid excuse exist. It is your responsibility, your job as a citizen of the United States Of America to vote! You should also be informed on the issues, and how the candidates for elected office stand on those issues. But don't worry lots of help is available to persuade your vote. You can even find some help here on this blog. Scott McAdams, Eathan Berkowits, Harry Crawford
So if you don't vote, you have until Sunday to get involved and be a part of democracy.

6 Cent Register & Vote Postage Stamp
Issued June 27, 1968 at Washington D.C.
Was designed by a couple of fellows from San Francisco. The original Weather Vane was on a house in the Russian Hill neighborhood.


  1. The other excuse I hear progressives living in "red" states make is "my candidate isn't going to win." My reply is, if you want the right to complain, get your butt to the polls, or at least take an hour to fill out your mail-in ballot (in AZ, they take at least that long to fill out -- love those ballot initiatives ...).

    Good for you for encouraging voter registration. Love the history on the stamp.

    The military excuse you listed seems the most baffling. Elected officials are the ones to send our service people into harm's way, why WOULDN'T they want a say in who's doing the sending?

  2. I would guess that the reds in Az, are similar to our reds in that you can almost see the fear of progressives in there eyes.
    Apathy and ignorance who knew it would be so alive and well in the 21 century?