Monday, September 27, 2010

Election Koffee Break

Just when you thought this election cycle couldn't get any more nutso the republicans want to bring back the Contract On America only call it get this....  Pledge to America
Wow those old bad ideas worked so well last time lets try them again...Hay they got us were we are today!

Our Governor sp 2.0 and Anchorage Mayor son of fink have endorsed tea bagger miller for senate.
Young Ding said last week that he won't endorse any one.

 So they can remember the name. Some people have resorted to getting Lisa Tattooed on their bodies, then finding out she is just as nutty as miller, and   are having the tattoos covered up...

That's got to hurt

Well do what ever you have to do but vote for McAdams!

All I know is that...When ever I get a little dry.  When I might need to get high. I pull into Kaladi Brothers any old time....

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