Sunday, September 12, 2010

Winner Creek

Sunny fall weekend here in the north can only mean one thing. Get out and enjoy it, and Sunday that meant a road trip to Winner Creek Trail in Girdwood. Traffic getting out of town was slow, we made almost no progress, it was as if we took many steps back, for every step forward.

Having a small fuel efficient fast car we managed to get around the gridlock, and stalling. Vote  Heading south on the Seward Highway the day was only getting better. The tide was in, and the water flat, I thought I saw one of the remaining Belugas but couldn't be sure. One thing was sure the Alaska Railroad was hauling a trainload of coal to Seward. The crew sounded the whistle and gave a wave as they went past.

I knew I was pushing the 12:00 meet up time. So just before Tidewater Slough when the phone went off I knew it was my pals M&M wondering where I was. We all got to the trail head at the base of the Tram at just about the same time.

Winner Creek Trail is the must do hike for everyone. The trail itself is gravel with some boardwalk sections, the path down to the creek is probably the most difficult part of the entire trip. It has some roots and rocks. The falls are always spectacular and if you choose you can take the Hand Tram over the creek and come out on Crow Creek Road. We were just going to the falls and then return the same way. Our entire trip was only 5.2 miles
Winner Creek Falls

More Winner Creek Falls

M of M&M on the Winner Creek bridge

She did the hike on crutches! It was the only way we could keep up with her.
Winner Creek Trail Just Do It!


  1. Lovely photos, especially of the creek and the parasailing (?) person.

    And wow, you have a friend who can hike on crutches -- that's one tough cookie!

  2. Thank you. Glad you enjoyed the photos. It was a wonderful day to be outside.

  3. Don't ya just wonder when someone on crutches or in a cast, or whatever, can hike, bike better than you? Great photos and I enjoyed your story, and your subtle voting prompt! lol Take care, my friend. And enjoy our late summer.