Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Alaska Goes Green! PFD Green

 Alaska Permanent Fund dividend this year is $1281.00
If you don't live here in Alaska you might not have a clue as to what that is. But way back in 1976 when the oil began flowing from the north slope the governor. Jay Hammond,  a republican governor at that, fought for and was successful in establishing a constitutionally mandated permanent fund that sets aside about 25% of the oil revenue to be paid to each and every Alaskan. Back then Alaska had  leaders like Jay Hammond who I never voted for, and these leaders thought that every resident should share in the oil wealth.  Now a days it would seem that they had some sort of delusion that government should be of and for the people?
Some people like t bagger joe miller come to mind what with 10 people in his household the millers  will be pocketing 12,000.00 Not bad money for a baby maker that wants to do away with Social  Security, the Department of Education, Unemployment Insurance and well just about anything else that the Koch brothers don't think we need.

You can imagine what a boon to cash strapped Rural Alaska the PFD is. There is no real economy  in Rural Alaska. The people exist on subsistence, well mainly government supported subsistence.

Gee you would think everyone in amerika would have safe drinking water here in the 21 century.

Life in rural Alaska is no picnic. Its a hard life with only a dusting of 21 century commodities. So PFD money especially to families that are well on there way to overpopulating the planet is a big influx of cash. The planes around Nome work overtime as everyone from the Villages comes to town to purchase everything from Giant Tvees, Brand new Four Wheelers,  Snow Machines, Guns, Ammo Booze, Drug's, Stove Oil, Gasoline... you name it. PFD money buys it all...

So what you going to do with your PFD?
Ice Gal is going to give some of it to Public Radio. A few hundred dollars for KSKA and a hundred or so for KNBA We truly would be lost with out Public Broadcasting Yikes. If you want to give some of your PFD to public broadcasting in Alaska the links are at the top of the page.
Ice Gal gave some already to the Scott McAdams Campaign for Senate, and you might want to also...
Here is a link...

What ever you spend it on I hope you think about what a devastating effect oil is having on all the things that keep us alive.

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