Thursday, August 19, 2010

Primary Election 2010

Or: Republicans We Support and Sustain Bad Ideas...Join Us!

 Just in case you haven't noticed all the campaign  signs,some illegally in the road right away,   and annoying adds on all the commercial  tvee, and radio stations. Next Tuesday August 24 is Primary Election Day.

Samuels signs illegally placed in the road right of way.

When Ice Gal contacted the Samuels campaign manager, (who placed the signs) he said " Well we don't have as much money as the other guy"  Great! That is a good enough excuse for me! If ethics don't matter in the campaign, then why should they matter if you get into office. Oh wait this is the governors race, and the bar for  unethical behavior by Alaska governors has been set extremely high by the beloved sp 1.0

After every primary election here in Alaska someone rights's a angry letter to the editor complaining that they could not pick the ballot they wanted and will never vote again, and it's all a big plot by space aliens anyway.
Well the Alaska primary was closed by the republicans several years ago. So if you are registered as a democrat , you can't vote the republican primary ballot. But if you are registered as a republican, Nonpartisan or Undeclared Then you can vote any ballot you chose.

Ice Gal is registered as Nonpartisan and this primary will chose the republican ballot. Why would Liberal, pure of heart mostly Ice Gal vote for a republican? Well she is not. She is voting against republicans hoping to get on the general election ballot in November the worst republican candidate ever, in hopes that a more sane democrat will get elected and help to turn this pathetic red state blue.

Who could be worse than Leaza? Who could make young ding look like a liberal?

Well sp1.0 , and tea bag express endorsed Joe Miller. That's who!
This lawyer from Fairbanks is not only sexist, and  racist. He has more hate for homosexuals   in one little finger than Jerry Prevo has in two fingers. Here is his web sight.

This crazy man could turn Leaza out in the primary just like what happened to  her daddy in the election that gave us sp 1.0.  If Joe won the primary then more center republicans would have to vote for the Democrat candidate in the general. Or we would have a wing nut in the senate...
Use the same plan  for representative and turn out young ding in the primary. Gee even if another republican won his seat it can't be as bad as ding.

Next time the pick for Governor and the  two ballot measures, or how to get real bad ideas into law.

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