Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ballot Measures

Or how to get real bad ideas made into laws...

Tuesdays Primary election will have two Ballot Measures on the ballot. Both are real duzies!
The first one Ballot Measure Number 1. sounds like it might be a good idea, but in reality it will limit free speech. Your ability to speak out to the people in office, attend meetings, and have your voice heard.  If that weren't enough to convince you to vote no how about the originators of this bad idea are being fined about $300,000 by the APOC for not reporting where they got there funding! Wow Vote NO on 1!

Measure 2 Parent consent for minor to have a abortion. This measure is brought to you by the folks that worship a big man in the sky, and just won't let abortion become a non issue. They also tend to think that human babies are a gift from the big man in the sky?

Now a teenager living in a home where the parents are part of their lives, a home where the parents have informed their children  female and male about human reproduction, and have stressed using modern birth control methods, well a girl from a household like this will never have to have a abortion because she can make informed choices on her own, with her parents full support.
But suppose that a child  of 12 lives in a home where the parents are abusive, drug using, morons. Her mothers sleep over flavor of the month  raped her and now she is carrying his child. Who is she going to turn to? This measure is a very bad idea so just vote no on 2!

Our pick for Governor.
I had wanted to pick Walker only because he drove a huge loader in the Fur Rondy parade. That has to be a qualification for Alaska governor.
But the Ice Gal Endorsement for governor is going to have to be Samules. He's  illegally got his signs in the public right of way, and his campaign manager just don't care, so unethical behavior once in office.  They got that covered, and he has the worst poll numbers going against either French or Berkowitz so in the general election in November hopefully French can win.

Alaska Division of Elections web sight link. You can check out primary election sample ballots for your house district, and find out just about anything you need to know about the election on Tuesday.

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