Sunday, August 15, 2010

Trail of Blue Ice

Ice Cream run to Girdwood. What more of a excuse do you need to get out of town on a partially  sunny Sunday than that.
The tide was in and with nothing on the windshield but some bugs we ended up in Portage at the Trail of Blue Ice...
Trail Head Greeter

It was almost a perfect day in Portage. No rain! The wind was blowing so No Bugs!
The trail is real easy, mostly flat, sometimes is close to the Portage Valley Road, but mostly go's on boardwalks around and over salmon streams.

Trail of Blue Ice

The entire trail only runs for six miles, but you get about 20 miles worth of scenery. We saw lots of spawning Salmon. Some were spotted and looked like small tiger sharks. Berrys were plentyful along the walk. We enjoyed lots of watermelon berrys, but like all places in Alaska not all park users clean up after them selfs.

One Big Bear Was Here

One big bear was fatting up for the winter in the area. The campgrounds, and visitors center, all had bear warning signs posted. Funny non were posted at the trail heads? Would not be a good place to meet a bear on one of the boardwalks, but non were spotted on the Sunday stroll.
Trail of Blue Ice, next time I want to do it on a Mountain Bike, but go check it out if you can...Just get to Portage and you will find the path.

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