Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Here is your Sign

Or Alaskans like bad ideas:

Its Primary Election day here in Anchorage, and the sign wavers have been out all day. Ice Gal Checked out the corners of Benson, Seward Highway, and Northern lights today. Wow it was quite a crowd. It was sad to see so many young people being enthusiastic for republicans, but this is Alaska.

The best sign I saw had to go to my general election pick for governor...

Glitter and Progressive Ideas got to love that

The republicans dominated the corners. All in support of Measure 2. Even the tea bag candidate had quite a large presence. How you can support less government, but support more government involvement for abortion...Well facts don't matter to this tribe...

Results will be coming in soon and a busy day on Benson will be slowing down...Wonder who is going to be holding a sign on the corner tomorrow?

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  1. Love the glittery sign! Yay progressive glitter!