Thursday, August 26, 2010

Election Victory

 Or: Onward Christian Soldiers

Tuesday's Primary Election is over and the burnt hair and smoke has yet to clear.
One thing that is crystal clear about Tuesdays election is that a whopping 28.36% of all Alaskan  registered voters bothered to go vote! So much for doing your job as a Citizen! Way to go!
That means that  that out of  the 138,255 ballots cast, all you dead beats that couldn't drag your self to the poll let  74,786 * voters decide for all the rest of us, that a teen age girl from a abusive home, pregnant by her uncle buck will have to notify the same abusive parents,so she can abort uncle bucks baby and not ruin her future like her parents have.  Yep that measure 2 is going to work out real good, I just hope that god can keep up with all the 12 year old's wanting a gift from him.

Something happened in the republican senate race? Pay no attention to that because it's on to the general election and time to put a real Alaska into that office...Scott McAdams. He was born here. He lives here! is a  commercia fisherman, so the environment means something to him....
Here is is web page...Check my blog list and read about him on the Mudflats

Here is is fund raising page

He will  make a great senator,  we don't want someone like miller, or lisa or come to think of it young ding

* Actual numbers from Alaska Division of Elections

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