Friday, July 2, 2010

Véhicules grand besoin de plus d'espace

Large Vehicles Need More Room:

That is a actual road sign here in Ontario. Who Knew. They also have signs every few kilometer's that say ONTARIO with the maple leaf symbol of Canada sideways across the text. I guess they do that in case you forget where you are?
This Province along the road side has the most trash of anywhere I have seen in Canada. Maybe its the wind, but I suspect it is the proximity to the large population centers of Canada, and amerika.

We have been riding the speed limit 90 kph. That is aboot 60 mph according to zumo.
Riding highway 17 today. The Kings Highway. Two lane with passing lanes. The cars come at us in clumps of twos and threes, with a truck thrown in now and again. Around us they go in the little pack they showed up in. Never to be seen again.

Motor way food can be a challenge. Some times you just have to eat what you can get. Roxi gave us a smile and some great pulled pork.

Real stuff is what you want to eat on the motor way and this fellow was over charging and smiling all the way to the bank....

We finally got to wash our dirty clothes tonight. Well Friday is wash day for me after all.
 A young girl put her money into a dryer machine that was tagged "do not use" She asked the attendant to refund her $1.25 and he refused? Some yelling happened and then she left. Shortly  as I was watching our clothes get a tumble in the dryer machine next to hers, the attendant came over with a large plastic bag and started pulling her wet laundry out of the big dryer machine. He looked at me for affirmation of what he was doing. I told him he was creating a bad situation. She came back more yelling she grabbed the bag of wet clothes, put them back in the dryer, more yelling.
We folded our clothes, and driving back to the hotel the local police waved hello to us. Life is grand being on holiday....

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