Thursday, July 1, 2010

Se réveiller à la pluie

Waking  up to rain:

I don't ride in the rain! I have a fair weather rider patch! I aim to keep it!
This morning when Peppermint looked out the hotel room window and said the bikes were getting washed, I thought that the hotel staff was merely washing our machines so we would leave a even larger tip. I said please tell them not to use that stuff on the tires as it makes the wheels get dusty later on. She threw a pillow at me. Then I looked out. No hotel staff was their. The rain was coming down in sheets sideways. (blank I said) and covered my head with the covers.

Sara the Camel. Mascot of  Glenboro where we spent the night
The weather reports had called for showers, thunder showers, so  we just knew it was going to rain on us. We put on every piece of rain gear we had, and pulled out on to a dry highway 2, that had threatening sky's.
Off we went across the plains of Canada, on Canada Day.

We encountered delays for construction, and the crew was as prepared for rain as we were.  More riding, more clouds. No rain. By the time we reached Elm Creek we were aboot to pass out from being so hot from wearing every piece of rain gear we had so we rolled into town for a change, and  fuel, only to find the entire town waiting along the main street for the Canada Day Parade. All eyes were on us as we rode along the parade route, in the pre parade, parade.
Very bad connection tonight so think of a photo of clowns in a golf cart
We changed behind the closed for holiday Co Op store. Oh what a relief. The small town parade was great. The fire trucks were squrting water and handing out candy. Every body from the tractors, the old cars, the boy scouts, everybody in the parade was throwing out candy. Some kids had sacks like for holloween to collect it all. Every kid in Elm Creek is coming down from a sugar high. Glad we got out of there.

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  1. "awaken to rain" and see a camel. The world has tipped on its axis and everything has become a panel in the "bliss" cartoon.