Saturday, July 3, 2010

Fob va Rogue

Fob goes Rogue

If you are a reader of this blog and do not ride a late model Harley Davidson motorcycle you don't know how important the Fob is. The Fob is everything. Cuz unless you are a thief, with out it you are not moving. The Fob controls the security system on your bike. You keep in in your pocket and when you walk away, not that we walk very far away, but when you walk a few feet or in Canada a few meters away it locks your bike. It will not start until the Fob returns to close proximity to the bike. Say you loose the Fob or it breaks you can communicate the secret code of the Fob to the bike via the turn signal switches. If you know it,  Right moves the cursor displayed in the odometer, left is the number.
Well the major drama queen of the trip Scarlet O Harley Peppermint's motorcycle's Fob would not work all the time. Sometimes it would start right up and other times it would sound the alarm, and not start.
Well thanks to the fine staff at Thunder Bay Harley Davidson, who learned us all up on Fobs and secret codes, Scarlet has a new Fob that seems to have adopted to her just fine.
My bike just has lots of bugs on it, but we managed to have our own Fob Drama later in the day.

Terry Fox

This monument is just outside of Thunder Bay, and Canadians are rightful proud of this young man. . When we walked up to the monument a fit looking man asked if we knew the story, when we said no he told us how Fox had ran- walked across Canada after loosing a leg to cancer. He said he had gone from west to east, but his wife corrected him. Fox went east to west.  He died of cancer in Thunder Bay.  The foundation formed in his legacy raises lots of money  annually  for cancer research.

I almost had to ride in the rain today! NO WAY. Thunder showers pelted my bike while we were in the Thunder Bay shop, but we left on dry pavement. A ways down the road the pavement was wet, and the air was cool so we stopped and geared up to defcon two riding apparel. That's everything but electrics, and neck gators.
That was a good idea because we encountered fog, but never any RAIN. Other riders we met  encountered rain. We were lucky
It rained so hard that when we stopped in White River for a break and petro, they had no power.  
Even the major  Petro Canada and A&W were dark. The only place in town that was open was a petite family owned restaurant, that was cooking with gas! The Yi Ya of the place was exurbanite that the competition was dark. She took our order and brought us our food, then the bus came. The bus stops normally at the  dark place, but all the bus riders came over to her place. When I asked madam serviette
plaire I got what I needed,  and when I let her try her hand at bubbles... she blew some awesome. bubbles.

This country might have more lakes than Minnesota. Lakes are everywhere with names like Cigar Lake, Round Lake, Skunk Lake....They all have water, wind, sand... but only one is better than all the others
That would be Lake Superior. Riding along the North shore today I thought of a friend who with her family sailed the lake last fall.

Gitchee Goomee

Don't walk in the park this goose lands in

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