Wednesday, June 30, 2010

perdu une heure

Lost one hour.

Welcome Sabrina Long may you run

Lost another hour. Happens when you travel east.
Thursday is Canada day. A day to celebrate all things Canadian. In British  Columbia the tax posters are up in arms aboot the HST Tax..

British Columbia will be affected by the HST tax as consumers will have to pay 12 per cent on services such as auto repairs and real estate fees and products such as newspapers, magazines, school supplies, snack foods, restaurant meals and alcoholic beverages.

Here in Manitoba what happens on the west coast is not much of a concern.

I just love these Grain Elevators.  They are the tallest buildings on the Prairie. I think they only built them this way as to be able climb to the top and have a look around.
We left highway 1 and dropped down south on 9 then turning east again on highway 13.  Highway 13 turns into highway 2 and that is what we have been traveling today. Tiny towns with great people. Unique restaurants, with plates and cups on the wall. The cook, waitress, and most likely dish washer work's on jigsaw puzzles while she waits for another local customer who she greets by name.

Will be traveling east again Thursday, enjoying Canada day, and the great people who live here.
We are sharing a network connection that we commandeered from the hotel bar.

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