Sunday, July 4, 2010

Le choc de la Queens

The Clash of the Queens.

This morning on the CBC radio, the weather report called for temperatures in the 30's maybe some thunderstorms, and bad air, smog warning for the Toronto area. As we rolled down the highway towards Toronto the temperature did  indeed get up to the 30's. The closer we got the air got browner, until a brown smog haze was off on the horizon. Watching the sky it made me wonder. The Gulf Of Mexico is now a dead zone, and other dead zones have been found in the Pacific. Do you think humans will take notice when huge areas in the atmosphere become Dead Zones?

The Smog. From Lac Couchiching.

The big news of the day in Canada is sorta appropriate  to our traveling across the country. That news would be the Queen's
Queen  Elizabeth has been visiting Canada. She brought the Magna Carta with her and left it in Manitoba at a new museum, to be built celebrating  human rights. But today she was in Toronto. Her and Prince Philip  attended  church at st johns, then  greeted the crowds.

They Loved her. Little children with their parents traveled all the way from London Ontario just to give her flowers

Then later in the day it was off to the races for the Queen's Plate Race. This is a big DEAL Two woymen jockeys were in the running of the race. Dam' it  Janet they didn't win. Big John did.

The race was started by Queen Victoria. Details here

But other Queen's were having fun in the Province.

Canada unlike its neighbor to the south amerika. Thinks homosexuals are human to. We can marry each other in this country. We have rights too. And we Celebrated in the Pride Parade, Toronto Today.

Me I just rode motorcycle all day saw one of humans cousins  Ursus americanus (black bear) and everyone I talked to thought I was cool cuz I was on a big bike.
Everyone Look Up! Once the ocean is gone the air won't be far behind it.

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