Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Le trajet du faisceau

The Path Of The Beam:

Why are the titles still in French, since we are in amerika. Well French, is  is very cool, that's why.
It was a long hot day of riding through some of the most unbelievable country you could ever ride.
We started out in Orillia Ontario, Canada.

The Queen on her last day in Canada had a power outage....

She had this to say:

In the fourth and final speech of her 22nd Canadian tour, the 84-year-old monarch thanked Canadians and said  "I will retain excellent memories of this country and its people."
"On my first visit, before I was queen, I noted that from the moment I came to Canadian soil, my sense of apprehension disappeared, because I understood that I was not only among friends but among fellow citizens," she said. "Today, many years later, I still feel as much affection and admiration for Canada." Today Tuesday she is going to the big apple

I love the Queen, she is Magnificent! But she never saw this...

This is our second major delay of the day.  At the Canadian Bridge over 1000 islands. The first was traffic getting around Toronto.That was full on Combat riding.   The third was almost a two hour wait at the amerika. Border. In 90 degree glaring sun.  I thought we got in the 10 item or less check out line but the armed border agent still asked me how long I was going to spend in amerika. My feet were hot  I was hoping I would have  to take off my shoes to get in.

We had issues with zumo all day. She was trying to take us the quickest way and we were trying to go, well we really didn't know which way we were going as their is no way to get across New York.

Finally after much pondering we charted a course, that would take us through the Adriondack's.
Zumo led us down county roads, then secondary highways all the way to 87 for another dose of combat riding. This one more intense than Toronto.
The country roads of the Adriondack's was a lot of fun. Just being able to smell the forests instead of polluted air alert city air would have been enough, but the scenery was fantastic too.

That is the path of the beam

Read more: http://www.cbc.ca/canada/toronto/story/2010/07/05/queen-toornto.html#ixzz0srwKELBX

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