Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bucket List

You see so many things when you travel. You would have to have lifetimes to see them all, and like the Core of Discovery it's all new to us.

Ottawa Ohio Ben Breece Harley Davidson has the finest Museum out back, that I have ever seen. When was the last time you saw a Topper?  All the bikes are in pristine condition, they look like you could ride them out the door

Not that you would want to when you have a 21 Century Electra Glide outside waiting for the Fob to return
But back to the bucket list, I started earlier in the day. The number one thing on the list.........

1. Dan Quayle Museum.
Who knew that when  Karl Rove and Dick Cheney Gave him crayons to play with while he sat behind the senate that those drawings were worth saving.

2. Ronald Reagan Trail. Think I will need to borrow a bike to  ride that unmaintained pot hole ridden, wash board, non union, dead end trail.

It's a short list for now, but who knew that places like that even existed. 

We saw some manufacturing plants yesterday. Nice to see that we still make something here.  One was making tricked out accessories for tractors. They like tractors around here, and they need them cuz they grow stuff here. And do they ever grow corn. With the states who's names start with the letter I behind us now,  I can tell you that I saw a lot of corn.

Today we crossed the Mississippi

Dam & Lock 17 We did not got to 16

We drove a couple of miles off the road to get out to 17 but the gate was locked when we got their. The land going out to the river is divided by levies, we saw people fishing in one of the river channels. The water level here is high. All the rivers we crossed today were bank to bank of brown water.

That just says it all.

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