Thursday, July 15, 2010

Interstate 80

President Eisenhower pushed to have the Interstate highway system built. He also warned in his parting address to the nation "Beware of the military industrial complex" Some would say we got the best of everything IKE envisioned. We have a Interstate highway system that moves lots of traffic every day and night, and we live in the most powerful  military industrial complex on the planet.

SD70MAC In the yard at Alliance Nebraska
Done moving coal for the day
Yesterday we saw coal train after coal train. Mostly we got the drivers to honk at us. We asked a clerk where the coal came from. "Wyoming, maybe Montana" she wasn't sure. I thought about asking her to name a country who's name starts with the letter U, but I was tired and didn't. One thing is for sure, somewhere is a very large hole where all the coal came from.

But back to I80. I am riding I 80. I started this morning in Alliance and connected with the route at Sidney. Along the way I saw a Pronghorn Antelope. It could sure move across the wheat field.
Me I moved along on the Interstate, all across Wyoming. The traffic was mostly trucks, and the wind was rocking them around as it was me.  
Every one just goes along. Some east other like me west. Some of the vehicles you could tell they were on holiday, others you could tell they were moving to another town. The ones with in state plates were mainly  around the towns . But I think this helps my theory that almost all traffic is local and we could save lots of fuel just by having small vehicles to run around town doing our daily stuff.

Antique Wind Power along Highway 2 in Nebraska

Tonight I rest along the banks of the Great Salt Lake. Planing the run across The Salt Lake Desert and the Great Basin in Nevada. This stretch of I80 is named for President Eisenhower.  The Bonneville Speedway is along the way
Thank you Lost Alaskan for bringing me dinner that was way nice and very tasty!

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