Sunday, July 11, 2010

Two Hundred and Seventy Degrees

The Core of Discovery left Pittsburgh on August 31, 1803, with a party of 11 hands 7 of which are soldiers, a pilot and three young men on trial, they having proposed to go with me throughout the voyage Meriwether Lewis began his first journal entry on the epic Lewis and Clark Expedition to the Pacific Ocean.With those words, written on August 31, 1803.
Zumo of the Raven clan Trickster gps was delegated to compass mode and just like Meriwether Lewis's compass she read 270. The similarity of our journeys ends just about ends there.

Chicken on a steel deck bridge

Lewis and Clark identified an incredible diversity of plants and animals never before seen.
All I could tell you is the plant life along the road is thriving and diverse. The animals are still  also diverse but get run over a lot.

What isn't diverse is any large city here in amerika. At a certain point because of economics? maybe location? every town gets a Lowes. Inside Lumber Yard on the right. Garden Center on the left. All the chain restaurants come in. Olive Garden, Windy's, Red Lobster. The same big hotel chain's move in with suites hotels. The Wal Marts become Super Centers. Korger is here and it looks just like Fred Meyer.

Bridge over the Allegheny River

That wouldn't be so bad except that every city has the exact same radio stations. A BOB. A WOLF. A FOX. They play the exact same play list. Some have a actual human that reads the news and weather, sometimes. All these stations are up at the 100+ frequency, all are digital, and all send messages to your radio like "Rocky and Biff Live Fer The Drive"  (Who says for anymore?)

Mrs. Kites Boarding School ?

Baby Boomers when we move into the retirement home. Is how many times I heard The Doors Love Me Two Times on the radio the only thing YOU will have to talk about?

Traveling along the small highways, and down on the lower scale of my radio 90. and lower. Yesterday in New York came beautiful Italian music. With local dedications, all live from a local NPR station.

Today along the Allegheny River on another NPR affiliate came sweet bluegrass music and local weather and news.
Hard working kind people live her.
Two lane rodes going  270. Corn that sometimes smelled so sweet you could taste it.
I want Corn. Informed,  Engaged Citizens. Not war

amerika sustainable?

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