Friday, July 23, 2010

Alaskan Dinosaurs

The flag of California has a Golden Bear on it. I would wager that the only place you are going to find a bear here in California is in the zoo.
All the wild bears gone Extinct!

Bay Bridge, Ferry Boats, and Port of Oakland in the fog

Not all-wild life is extinct here. In the Bay Area, pesky deer hang on in the brush of the Coast Range Mountains. Every once in a while on the tvee news is a report of big cats in the east bay hills. Coyote’s get a small pet occasionally. Crows, red tail hawks, great egrets, and small birds still exist here. But the salmon can’t run up the Sacramento River any more because the water is used for agriculture. The Bay because of untreated ship ballast water is now the poster child for invasive species, and its wetlands long ago filled with garbage now support Google. I would say economy has won over environment here!

In Alaska we still have environment that is sustainable.

Rovers Run Fish and Game Camera just the other day

Environment will get along without economy just fine. Economy is not going to do so well without environment

Non Progressive Politicians

In the North Polar Bears and Beluga Whales will be some of the first species to become extinct because of human overpopulation/climate change.

We could make a difference or continue to support our own Dinosaurs…

Vote! it's your job as a citizen

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