Monday, July 19, 2010

Moto Head Sunday

The Santa Cruz Mountains, Monte Bello Ridge, are all part of the Coastal Range of mountains here in California. All have been pushed up and down by earthquakes, and are pretty, remote considering that several million people live to the east of them. Not far from my door is highway 84 Woodside Road. On the way to Woodside this road is fairly tame. But beyond Woodside the road climbs up the east side of the Santa Cruz range. It has huge redwood trees, 20 mph switchback turns every few miles, and on a warm Sunday morning lots of two wheel traffic. Some riders two up just enjoying the day. Some riders pushing a little harder, cuz they can. Sport bikers riding fast. Plus pedal bike riders climbing up almost 2000 feet and then racing back down. Oh cars and motor homes too. Not all brought their bikes home today.
At the junction of Highway 84, and 35 is Alice’s Restaurant the place to be

This place is kinda like Girdwood on a weekend,  only larger and warmer.

Yes that is a Knuckle head next to that restored 45

These fellows ride these museum pieces. Very cool to see on the road.

Highway 35 is Skyline Boulevard and runs along the mountain ridge. I rode south through Big Basin, then back on highway 9, then back on 35. Almost back to 84 I could see a helicopter and then the sheriff had the road closed. A sport bike rider got tangled up with a car. The rider must have been alive, because was taken away in the helicopter.

Some south bay riders pulled up by me and we all chatted and waited for the road to reopen. The crashed bike was a small pile of red plastic and stuff.
Bay Area Air Quality Poor? Bad? Fowl?

The south bay riders pulled into Alice’s and I got stuck behind a motor home going back down 84. Some pedal bike riders were coming down the hill, when one got by the car behind me, I got over to the right and waved them by. They thanked me and took right off. The motor home pulled over in a turnout and off we all went, pedal bikes going faster than I could.

Note to self don’t go up there again on a weekend!

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