Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sky Carriage

One measure of a city has to be its arts scene. Now don't get me wrong for a Podunk place Anchorage has a wonderful arts community. I even know several gifted artists that sing, play, paint...
My last night in The City, my sister had gotten us all tickets to go see Wicked at the Orpheum Theatre in Down Town San Francisco. My niece having read the book twice was ecstatic about seeing the play. I new it would be good, having heard a Fresh Air Interview with the author, a while ago.
I had no idea that the theater  would be so wonderful.

The San Francisco Orpheum Built in 1926 as a showcase for theatre magnate Alexander Pantages. The building is like a 12th century Spanish palace. With 21 century sound and stage.

Orpheum Theatre
Our mother remembered going there to see movies when she was just a kid. Back then the Hollywood movie stars would show up for the premiers. She said she saw Death Valley Ronnie there. That was way before he devastated amerika.

Death Valley Ronnie

The play Wicked, Go See it! When I saw it Felicia Ricci played Elphaba her voice strong, and clear. She was the star. The story is about the Wicked Witch growing up. Based on a novel by Gregory Maguire .
Traveling north and home, the planes are full and late. Not so good to start the day with a extra two hour wait, but would have missed the connection if it had not been running late. The flight attendants do a commerical for the company credit card, and there is no mute button. That's not fair.

One Great Egret

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