Thursday, June 24, 2010

Watch for Rock

Welcome new follower bearclaw. Long may you run.

On almost every road I have traveled in Idaho there is a big yellow, and black sign Watch For Rock.
From just looking  around I knew it wasn't to watch for all the rocks along the side of the road, or the mountains of shale the highways cut through. Or the towering mountains of rock.
Well before crossing the border into Montana I figured it out.
The people of Idaho love Rock.

It must have been the movies he did with Doris Day that endured him to the state. And most likely  in the way back woods they still have Rock & Elvis sightings. It is kinda sad in it's own way. In Montana they have no Rock delusion, all the signs say Fallen Rock.

Zumo got the better of me this morning and got me to ride aboot 25 miles of  dirt road over a almost 8000 foot pass. It started out paved, and I thought it was the main road out of Sun Valley. But past the point of no return it became dirt.

And it was the day to see wild animals. Before the road turned dirt a big old deer just looked up and gave me the deer eye! Then up in the pass either a marmot? or land otter? crossed the road. It didn't look back.
The best one was later in the day on highway 93 somewhere past Salmon. A magnificent full curl ram was standing in the middle of the road. I slowed way down and he started running down the highway in the same direction I was going. Finally he jumped up the cliff and struck a pose. I stopped and got out the camera but for some reason it wasn't working. (dead battery?) so I missed a great shot of a ram. Looked just like the one in the bankrupt car company   commercial.

Further on down the road I was treated to a entire herd of sheep, and another ram, but not full curl.

The best part aboot seeing those critters is non of them wanted to die by bike.
Up by the border is Waterton Glacier International Peace Park, and Columbia Falls, will give that a look see on Friday then have a easy ride up to Golden.

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