Friday, June 25, 2010

Smoke A Pack A Day

Welcome Daisycorn long may you run.

Sawtooth Range Chicken

This is my last day in Montana. Spent part of it north bound on highway 93 This is a great road.  It mostly cuts through scenic forest. Flathead lake is along the road for a while. It is enormous, and boasts some very large expensive homes, and resorts. I saw many golfers, not quite in full summer plumage.
Two deers also wanted to play on the road today. One ran across and the other started out then changed its mind. These are BIG deer. Not like those ones last summer in Texas. Those Texas ones were no bigger that a German Shepard with long legs. These Montana White Tail are as large as a 4 month old moose. Yikes!

They have flat sided power poles here. I kept looking for the flat sided tree plantation but never saw it.
They must grow very close together.
Straight pride day is coming, and these little towns are all having a celebration. There are almost as many fireworks stands as there are Casinos.

The forests have seen some major fires in past years, sure hope they don't start another.
The bumper sticker of the day On a derelict Jeep like vehicle: Smoke a pack a day With a hash mark through a howling wolf. You don't see that on on cars in Alaska, no way they are all on airplanes.
Canada Saturday. Will have to convert to metric.

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