Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Alphabet soup and the bible

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One of the first things I noticed aboot Winnemucca Nevada, besides a lot of letters in its name was the big white W painted on the hill above town. Granted if you were coming down the hill it would look like a M but from where I stood it was a big W.  This morning in Colconda I noticed a big white C painted on the hill above town. But no town on the interstate has more town pride that Battle Mountain Nevada.  Imagine growing up in this town...

Hay come on over any time our house is right under the giant BM. No need for fiber we are regular.
The other thing aboot this stretch of highway. I could get no news on the radio this morning. No NPR. The only thing I could  get was bible thumpers.I finally settled on one station that had a bible verse then Louis Armstrong would sing a Led Zeppelin song. It was a Whole Lot Of Love.

Turned  off the Interstate 80 at Elko Nevada. Yes they had a big E on the hill out of town. I was headed North on 225 heading to Wild Horse Reservor and the end of Nevada at Owyhee, and after almost two days of I 80 this was a great place to be.

Oh yes some high dessert twisties!
Just before I entered the Free State of Idaho I ran accross this little item...

Yes that is the Bridge To No Where. If Nevada can have one why can't we have the Young Ding Memorial Causeway to No Where?
Ended up in Sun Valley this afternoon. Aboot 600 miles from Golden.

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  1. Only you would put together alphabet soup and a BM.