Saturday, June 26, 2010

Canada Eh

Welcome Rebecca. Long may you run

Well I crossed over the line to Canada this morning.
The border guard was armed only with a computer. He checked my passport but didn't want to give me a stamp. Well I talked him into it, and now have a official Canada stamp on my passport.
This is very scenic country up the Columbia Valley to Golden. So some photos.

Columbia Lake

Hope that is readable tells all aboot the river.

More wild animals

You would think I hiked way up the mountain for this shot, but these sheep were right along the road.

Got the train to honk and got its picture. It was hauling coal to be converted into electricity, to be converted to carbon in the atmosphere. Any rail fans know what kind of locomotive that is?

To keep the birds off the power poles the line company builds these nests along the power line. I have seen lots of these nests but this is the first one I saw occupied, and this bird did not like me stopping close to the nest.

Quite the house

Down town Golden. It is a great place to play.


  1. You must have charmed that border guard because I heard they do not like doing that stamp. And I was able to read the Columbia sign because when you click on a picture, it goes full size. Keep having fun.

  2. You..charming.... ? Okay... maybe (call me Judy K...)

  3. I got my new blog up and running... I invite you to link to me... if you are interested...

  4. It was wonderful to meet you Gals!!! have a safe ride. Keep on rolling! ...Tomahawk Bill