Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mon vélo parle français

My Bike Speaks French:

Since my motorcycle currently lives in California, I all ready knew that her radio could speak Spanish. But was I ever surprised this morning when she spoke French. I listened to the news in French. I listened to commentary in French, and I listened to music in French. And  I even listened to a rendition of Gloria Gainers hit song I will survive in French. I  hardly understood a word of it. But it was wonderful. It complemented the green of Saskatchewan Parfaitement (Flawlessly)
Living In the North you tolerate the endless white of winter. Put up with the brown of break up. But you wait for the Green of summer. The Green of Saskatchewan just warms you all over.

Grain Elevator on the Yellowhead

For me one of the best things aboot a road trip is the people you meet.  We stopped in Battleford. Hungry and in need of coffee, after loosing the main street we pulled up innocently by the local Re Max office. The Realtor walking to his office chatted us up, loved our bikes and recommended a wonderful local establishment.  

The locals loved us. The over exurbanite waitress loved us. The food was very good! The very Dyke waitress didn't think bubbling up the place was appropriate. Oh well bubble I did.  

Ever wonder aboot those stickers in your hard bags and tour pack?
Well this is Tomahawk  Bill. He works for the motor company at the Tomahawk  plant. He paints, buffs, assembles, and pin stripes. They stamp their  number on those stickers when they are done with your bag, or tour pack.  We met him and Debbie  at the shop in Saskatoon. Peppermint and Tomahawk swapped motor company T shirts. They were going to a family reunion. Tomahawk did not do my bags.
 Another great holiday treat to meet them. 

Our gas tanks were empty as we headed out of Saskatoon. It looked as if the town was ending so we pulled off on a exit that looked like it had to have fuel.

This Motor Officer pulled in behind us. He had grown up in Ontario, and recommended some roads to ride. We all stood around the pumps and enjoyed each others company. He left with a smile on his face and a open saddle bag.

The wind howled all across the plains today. Non of it was favourable to us. Either a head wind or cross wind was all we got. At one point on the way to Moose Jaw the road turned so we had a tail wind for just a few Km's but then the road crossed a white capped lake and we were back on Turnigan Arm again.

Endless Green!

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