Monday, June 28, 2010

Chrome Salle de Bains

Hinton. Spent the night in Hinton at a delightful hotel called the pines motel.  We have expanded our requirements for hotel rooms. First. 4 bars of wi fi. Next a decent lamp shade.Cleanness and Ice fall in next. And then any thing shiny is a bonus...
Well the Pines room was a 10. All other hotel room will now have to step up to some major chrome.
No coffee this morning as we have no cups. Stopped at the Arches in Edson, and had a cup with the regular seniors that gather their every morning. Who knew that McDonald's would create a sense of community, with ok coffee and strange food.  
Now one other obvious thing aboot Edson is that on every light pole, at least on the highway  has a little "e"
Not a Big "E" a little "e"

Take That Battle Mountain Nevada

The ride into Edmonton was uneventful on the multi lane Yellow head Highway. No wild animals, just some geese. Edmonton Harley Davidson took good care of us. Got us right in for service, and we had a great time shopping, talking to the other riders, playing pin ball looking at maps, and  logging on to the shops wireless network. Not everyone had a good as time as us...

Not Dead Yet

This poor fellow with stood our laughter for a while before disappearing to the service department to wait for his ride. Edmonton Harley Davidson is a great shop because of the folks working their. Thanks again EHD

With a smile like that you don't care how much the bill is.
The motel room tonight here in Lloydminster only has two bars of Internet, but is right on with some major Chrome Salle de Bains.

Heading South across the plains of Sackatchewan on Tuesday. The huge cumulonimbus clouds that were on the horizon today I hope are gone tomorrow cuz I am a fair weather rider on a all weather bike.

l'amour de vous

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