Sunday, June 27, 2010

La Promenade des Glaciers

Wild Animals Along The Rode

Canada unlike Amerika is not fighting two wars. Sadly  they did just loose two soldier's to the war in Afghanistan. Only helping the US. Everyone has health care. A tea party means sporty casual attire and the sandwiches have no crust. The road side pull outs are clean and the trash cans bear proof and not overflowing. Even the rode signs have, get this no bullet holes. And the speak French. How cool is that!

Rode through Banff and Jasper National Parks today. Part of the Canadian Rockies. The glaciers that cling to the sides of the mountain are the remains of the last ice age and because of humans burning fossil fuel they will vanish within the next 100 years.

That is some serious stuff to think aboot on holiday. But you have lots of time to think riding the across the continent. The bikes get great mileage compared to the motor homes and cages, and are only killing the planet a little. Will start updating the MPG when I don't have to deal with the liter conversion.  At the visitor center at Athabasca Glacier. Columbia Ice field flocks of tourists ride buses up to the toe of the Glacier. In the 1930's the glaciers  toe was where the highway is now. No one really seamed to mind the bus ride.

Look close you can see the buses on the left.

When this ice is gone along with the glaciers in Alaska, the sea will rise only a few feet, flooding some coastal villages and ?

Well at the end of a fantastic day of riding, photo taking and meeting some great people at the pull outs and attractions, what more could a girl want. Well let me tell you 5 bars of wireless connection and a 10 hotel room. We found them both here in Hinton Alberta after we bubbled up  the office.


  1. Eh, so Canada has been bubbled? When they pop, do they pop in French? Oui?

  2. Do you ladies have an adequate supply of bubble soap to bubble up the rest of the country? First warning... Judy K. is starting to pack her bags... any items you really need me to bring to Montana or Wyomning or wherever? I'm gonna start callin you the call with one "Z"...