Thursday, June 10, 2010

Begich Votes No!

And The President Said:
""The Senate chose to move America forward, towards that clean energy economy -- not backward to the same failed policies that have left our nation increasingly dependent on foreign oil,"

The score was 53-47
The bill was...Sen. Lisa Murkowski's battle to limit the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's authority to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

What a relief that 53 Senators feel that we need to move beyond petroleum, and how sad that 47 think lining their pockets and the Gulf of Mexico with oil is still a good idea.

I was real happy about that vote, then from out of nowhere came a sign.  I tried to look away but I had to look again to make sure I saw the sign...But it was out.

I was still real happy about the vote so I started singing a song. So everyone sing this song, and sing it a lot, sing it to your friends. It goes like this.

 Oh------------We don't care if the sea ain't there
And we don't care if you can't get no air
Cuz weeeeeeeeeeee We want liza

We still think it's 1949 and
Thrashing the land is gonna make the economy just fine
Cuz weeeeeeeeeeee We love liza

Well ifen you can't drill then you gotta mine
Pebble gonna kill all them fish just fine
Cuz weeeeeeeeeee We want liza

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