Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lets Ban This Book

Alaska is a extreme pathetic red state.  Our current governor s.p. 2.0 Politicizes health care for people that live in poverty because .2% of the state funding for Denali Kid Care might pay for a ABORTION, and if you have a god delusion ABORTION is a big deal.
Left of liberal is where I live, caring aboot this planet, and making everyone here at least learn the word....
That is something I want to do.
Way back in 1949 where our Senator liza  & Representative young ding live the telephone was the most best communication tool  to ever come along.

It still is. We have state of the art cellular communication at our lips 24 hours a day. + instant weather, stock reports, what ever you need on your phone right now, just aboot anywhere on the planet except for Kincaid Park.
Tracking down information is just easy now. But the phone company's still insist on turning pristine forests, like this one....

 Into door step trash like this....

This isn't information this is waste! It isn't even printed here. It's printed in Amerika and trucked here.

All those vans were full of phone books. Soon you will find a pile of them on your doorstep.
I plan to call the phone company and make them come back and pick them up. If enough people did that then maybe we could get a phone book on line or on a CD.


  1. I'm with you. I've called and made them come get them. Just don't take them in the house. Leave them in your driveway. I believe they think if they are left on your doorstep they become your property. NOT!!! They have argued with me, and I insist they come get them.

  2. I can't believe they don't do a CD. That is a great idea. Does anyone even use phone books anymore? I am going to go return mine to them today.