Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Treasures of McGarvey

What is the most fun thing you can think of to do on holiday?

Dancing till closing at the Lexington?
Lingering in bed, then a afternoon spent in the spa?
How about zip lining in Big Sur?
Well let me tell you none of that can top the first day of holiday spent ripping up old carpet and exposing the hardwood floors of McGarvey.
Sweat, blood, sharp knives, and unlimited nails and staples.

The hall way is only phase one. But it will all have to wait perhaps for professional help, because today was for motorcycle riding.
I headed out east bound this morning after checking the tvee traffic reports. I was ready for full combat riding. But it really wasn't all that bad. Sure it was slow around the City, but the West Bound was total gridlock. I may not be able to get back to the Bay Area. Who knew that uncontrolled population growth could bring progress to a halt? 

Cruising up the western Sierra Nevada was a terrific ride. Around 3000 feet the smell of the forest took over the smell of the road, and up in the high country the air was cool and fresh. Snow still clinging to the ridges. Was bummed that the rest area at Donner Summit was closed, had planed to stop and do some photos. Stopped in Truckee instead. Then off east. The highway follows the Truckee river into central Nevada where the waters form Pyramid lake.
Some might think crossing Nevada is boring, but not so. The Great Basin stretches to the south of highway 80. The high dessert was still green in spots. Smelling the sage is nice, but tremendous gusts of wind will keep you awake when riding this highway.
Settled for a 8.0 room this evening in Winnemucca Be going to Elko in the morning then turning north on highway 225.

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