Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Endangered Species Act

Planet Earth

This is our Home. It has everything we need to sustain life.
Unfortunately for most creatures, and us eventually we are capitalistic consumers.

If you are a bird, like the Whooping Crane.
We almost wiped you out

Whooping Crane
The Whooping Crane used to live all over North  America, and Canada. But by the 1940ts because of habitat loss, and hunting the Whooping Crane only numbered about 16. That is not bad. Considering that the human population on Earth was right around two billion.
Today the bird is still on the ESL and its numbers are only around 200 in the wild,  and about that many in cages. We could still silence that whooping call! Especially since we have almost 7 Billion humans now.

In the 1940ts all the way up to the 1960ts  when the Act was enacted, we were able to decimate habitat at a incredible rate. Science didn't  know that sending in the rats to eat the snakes would cause overpopulation of rats, and sending in cats to eat rats would overpopulate cats, and  atomic testing had radiation...and on and on and on....

 But then Malaria  had been another  horrible way to die in the Pacific war. So when we found out  that to prevent Malaria all we had to do was to kill mosquito's we found a way to kill em!

Kids having lunch with DDT

That way was DDT dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane. We sprayed it on everything.

even airline passengers. It worked great! Eliminating malaria and typhus.
Unfortunately it was also making Bald Eagle shells very thin, and was decimating  populations of  our National Bird The Bald Eagle.
Lots of people thought the Wild Turkey should have been  our national bird anyway

But because of the Eagle. Well and a nation that was demanding action. A nation that lacked today's flox news. And a nation that united behind the right thing to do. A nation that forced the car company's to improve safety and mileage. A nation with out rush.
 Nixon. Richard Nixon. One of the best republican presidents we ever had. Who had the best campaign slogan ever. Don't switch dicks in the middle of a screw. Vote for nixon in 72

 Nixon Signed into law on on December 28, 1973 the Endangered Species Act!
Endangered Species Act. A Great Idea that republicans supported.

More on the Act, and Creatures to follow, all leading up to the endangered species BBQ!

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