Thursday, May 13, 2010

Endangered Panther

The Florida Panther Lives Way Down South.

Don't you just love that flag? It just says Hate, and you can't tell if it' upside or not

The Florida Panther Scientific Name: Puma concolor coryi
Once ranged from Arkansas to the Carolina's and south to the Florida Everglades.
It made a great target and southerners loved to shoot it. 
Woo Hoo I can almost smell the gunpowder now. 
Other things that put the cat on the Endangered list are the usual habitat loss, to agricultural, urban development and mercury poisoning.
 (can you say pebble mine)  
Mercury enters the air through factories, coal-fired power plants, and hazardous waste sites. Rainfall then carries the mercury down to the land and water where it is taken up into the ecosystem.
Well there you go. If the Florida Panther didn't eat wild things like raccoons and alligators. It might be ok.

The conservation measures of the Endangered Species Act are the only thing keep the Florida Panther from Extinction. There number are reported  to be fewer than 100
The Panther shouldn't feel alone facing extinction tonight, because the massive gulf oil spill continues, and threatens every living thing in the Gulf Of Mexico.

Especially the Humans that fish, or shrimp, or the ones that work at Tobasco, or Zatarain's
The oil companies are trying everything they  can think of to plug the leak, and are passing the blame from one another in D.C.
US Senate Democrats failed Thursday in a bid to quickly pass legislation that would dramatically increase oil firms' economic liability after massive spills like the one soiling the Gulf of Mexico.
The measure, pushed by lawmakers from New Jersey and Florida, would raise the ceiling on damages an oil company could have to pay for things like lost tourism or fishing revenue from 75 million dollars to 10 billion.
And why did they fail?

They failed because of Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski objected, temporarily stalling the legislation, saying “I don’t believe that taking the liability cap from $75 million dollars to $10 billion dollars  isn’t where we need to be right now,” Murkowski said, objecting to immediate consideration of the bill.
Now lisa has only received  about $426,989 from oil and gas interests. And BP profits are only about Ninety Three Million Dollars Daily. So I can totally see why she is looking out for the oil companies. She needs more money! 
The Gulf Shrimp.

The people who fish them, and those of us that enjoy them...well ...we should be ok as long as BP don't raise the price of...

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