Saturday, May 8, 2010

Cow 4 Sale

 Any good good green house will tell you to wait until Memorial Day to put your plants out, but Northern Gardeners will say that when the leaf of the birch is as big as the ear of a mouse, then it is safe to leave your plants out.


Lots of folks believe that. But which mouse?

The evidence is overwhelming. The burning of fossil fuels in our power plants, and vehicles is warming our climate and will have a devastating effect on human life.

This person is proud that the massive pickup he owns  only gets 9 mpg
To bad you can't buy one that only gets 1 or 2 mpg. .

King of the gods
God of the Sky and Thunder

Scientists like Dr. Andy Thomson
(watch his presentation here)

 have conducted experiments and have compelling evidence that show our brains our hardwired to believe in gods. Knowing this allows me to tolerate Christan's that bless objects, and kill bugs that another religions believe are vessels that carry the souls of the dead.  Tolerate religions that  start wars, and fight them in name of gods. Tolerate religions that oppress knowledge, and human rights.
Science and reason is hard! If forces you to think, and to think outside your own little world. We ain't surviving without it.
Think about that if you are patched out for some god.

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