Saturday, April 22, 2017

Two Four Twenties

Flying from Alaska to Auckland no announcement was made that we were crossing the international date line, and that we would be in tomorrow, while it was still yesterday at home.
 Maybe no one said anything because the crew was just as tired as me  from being in an airplane for hours and hours, or maybe it because it was american airlines, and they really didn’t give a dam and figured you knew anyway.
Crossing the dateline on this ship we get not one but two 4/20’s and I think if we were a ship full of marijuana smokers this would be a really big deal, and everyone would be loaded for two full days, but since we are not I think all it will mean is that the ships  steam room still will be broken tomorrow even though it is still today, but I now have a nifty certificate to prove I crossed the dateline, and  alas the steam room is working on this the second 4/20.
The last day in New Zealand was spent in Auckland. Only this time I knew my way around a wee bit, and we had a list of chores, that included going to the Countdown supermarket and getting some pot set yogurt.

Dairy is a huge industry here, and I got to tell you the yogurt is excellent, nothing like the loaded with sugar stuff that passes for yogurt back home in amerika.
At the end of the day my compadres phone said we covered aboot 6 miles of the city that lots of New Zealanders say isn’t really a part of New Zealand. I guess they say that because Auckland is sprawling, large, and getting larger, and is very cosmopolitan.

No one seems to care that we are 7 billion or so going on 8 billion, so I guess the city will continue to grow, well at least until the human population crashes the environment.
Construction Auckland

Back on our Emerald ship we headed out of the harbor and out across the blue Pacific the burning of bunker fuel laid down a thick cloud of heavy  blue smoke that as it fell into the ocean contributed to climate change, but we are off to  Pago Pago an american territory, where according to New Zealanders the citizens  their drive on the wrong side of the road.


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