Thursday, April 20, 2017

Dolphin 453

We made three crossings of the notorious rough Tasman Sea this voyage, and this last one the sea finally settled down from a raging full boil to just a mild simmer. Even Cook Strait turned out to be a smooth passage, and as we approached the more populated side of the north island the water flattened out to appear almost glass like in the early morning light. 

The passage was not without extreme hardship as we had to move from our luxurious “mini suite” on deck 9 up to a regular “balcony state room” on deck 11. The suite was a new experience and after moving upstairs I had no idea just how ghetto the regular rooms were. We had to ask for robes. The towels are thinner. We have no tub and are forced to bath in a shower, that doesn’t even have a “emergency call” cord. We have only one flat screen tvee, and no hide a bed couch with two throw pillows that our room steward would arrange twice a day so their corners would point up, and I would have to move to one end preferable the port end to rest my head.

Our first stop of this homeward bound voyage was the Capital city of Wellington. Our last time here it rained hard the entire day, but on this morning the skies were clear.

We took the port shuttle into town and got off at the first stop. It was still early in the day so coffee was needed, and luckily, we were near Cuba street that has many such establishments.
Water Scoop Fountain

It was still early and not many shops were open yet and some would not open at all as apparently having a day off in observance of the easter superstition is a big deal in Wellington. Fortunately, a heathen coffee shop that roasted their own beans was open and served a most excellent expresso beverage.

Public art is everywhere in Wellington. Some like the scoop fountain is just darn right fun, and other pieces like the metal sculpture on top of the Ta Papa museum darn right interesting.

On the plaza surrounding the Ta Papa museum the local VW car club was having a car show. Some rare and interesting models were on display, and lots of beetles.

Most of the cars were in pristine condition and only a couple were as well traveled as this blue one loaded down with matching luggage.

At the war memorial, a couple of fellows from the fire brigade were programing their drone to fly around the perimeter of the memorial, for what reason I don’t know but the chief was quite interesting to talk with, and had genuine grief that amerika was now being led by a man more insane than the ruler of North Korea.

It was a great day in Wellington, and aboot the time we walked up to the second shuttle stop the rain started. The stop just happened to be sheltered from the rain, so this time we arrived back at the ship dry.

Internet access on this ship is poor at best. Will post more as I can.

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