Saturday, April 2, 2016

The River

 The first thing I noticed aboot Spokane is it isn’t in Florida. In fact it is a long way from Florida,  I was keenly aware of the distance from Florida as I walked off the Boeing. Well I sorta walked off the plane but I think it was more of a hunched over shuffle as I had been crammed into the jet liner for hours and hours heavily sedated by pharmaceutical  grade  anti-anxiety drugs to keep from freaking  out aboot being crammed into a tube aboot as big around as a sewer pipe, that if it was a sewer pipe you would have to abide by confined space rules to enter the darn thing…
 Jacksonville Florida Art At Your Feet

It was also colder. The air was hovering around 39 degrees, but without the 98% humidity of Florida. It actually felt refreshing, epically since I had  prepared for this change with long trousers, long sleeve blouse, and a jacket that I had strategically   placed in my camera carry on, and when I removed the jacket prior to boarding at gate C6 in Fort Lauderdale the charger for my phone fell to the floor, and became a permanent Florida resident.
The Energizer  Bunny After Turning To Drugs

The missing charger was only discovered later as I unpacked and went to charge  the phone that had been used a lot trying to keep up with the storm delayed jet out of Florida and the close connection in Seattle, that to Alaska Airlines credit my bag actually made it from terminal C where we landed to terminal H where my connecting fright awaited. I was not the last human to board, but the door was closed shortly after…
It is spring in Spokane.  The leaves are beginning to open up. Tulips are sprouting and some close to buildings have even opened. The Japanese Garden Is open again after being closed for winter.

Spokane's Japanese Garden

Doing new activities this trip to Spokane that included a trip to the local Indian casino for lunch at the buffet. The lunch line wasn’t exactly Horizon Court but the offerings were tasty and plentiful. The casino also contained one of the most amazing gadget I have ever seen. Better than the veg a matic and the sham wow combined.
If you think that this gadget is a motion activated automatic plastic toilet seat cover then you are correct or have been to the casino in Spokane. One can only hope all unnecessary useless  this plastic will end up in the ocean…

What is really racing towards the ocean here is the Spokane river. Running at flood stage and careening over the falls, an amazing amount of water.
Spokane Falls After Dark
Got to enjoy the last of the Washington sun before heading home soon…..

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