Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Tan Is My Religion

Our work in Florida is completed. Every trip comes down to it…The last day. The things you have to do, to get home, and the things you didn’t get to do. Actually the things you will do next time you happen to be in a place where the ocean isn’t frozen in March.

Paddle Board did not get a chance to do that. Jet Skiing on the ocean on a hot southern day. Didn’t do that. Stop at every Ron Jon’s in the entire state of Florida, and get a beach trinket…  Well one Ron Jon should be enough for a while.

 Ron Jon Beach Trinket Palace

Looking back on everything I should have swiped a pool towel from the ship, it would have come in handy more than once as I seem to be attracted to the ocean on hot Florida days. As it is my favorite dessert spoon did serve us well making coffee every morning and the suitcase full of spa moisturizers will have to last until next year.
Hanging out in the Fort Lauderdale airport for most of the day waiting for a jet north, I kept hearing horns, sorta like cruise  ship horns, but not like the Royals horn that plays the song from the Godfather. It took a while but after investigating I discovered that the  baggage carrousels,  when they start to deliver instead of a bell ringing like most airports they come to life with the sound of a cruise ship horn. Poor  carousal  number 13 sounds like it might be sinking.

After claiming baggage at this airport twice I never actually heard the horns until today, I never got to the carrousels in time. Horns are the official sound of Florida. You can hear them almost every day in traffic especially if the road you are on becomes a parking lot, like they do a lot. Floridians will sound their horns to help get traffic moving again as they drive on sidewalks and go the wrong way on one way streets. No need for courtesy or obeying the laws when you can just honk and honk…
Ford Falcon

Once the ticket counter opened it didn’t take long to clear gate security. The wait for the plane was only delayed a little while by the thunder storm that darkened the sky and pelted the terminal with rain. Lucky me the sky carriage was a 737- 800 the most uncomfortable  ride in the sky.


Travel and do it frequently so that when you do go home you will have been gone long enough to forget your routine….



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