Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Corn Has Tassels Here

Thunder storms were threatening most of the day, and so riding to lodging for the evening I listened to the motorcycles NOAH Weather radio.
The report was not encouraging. Severe thunder storms were predicted by morning. Several inches of rain  along with high winds, possible typhoons, flash  flooding, high humidity, heat alerts. This is not the weather you want when traveling on motorcycles.

Cans For Sale At American Pickers

In the morning lightning flashes woke me up. It was a downpour outside,  and I thought we were in for a day of bad weather. On the morning tvee news shows the reporter was at a racetrack in  Brainerd Minnesota standing by the twisted remains of the bleachers.
As I went down the hall to the hotels toast bar the rain was already slowing down. The worst weather had gone north,  and it looked like some blue sky was happening.

The toast bar had actual porcelain plates, real metal flatware, and glass cups for juice. The food was the same as most places. Tiny omelets that might be chicken eggs, and precooked packaged bacon, and of course cereal and the usual sweet treats. There were even buss trays with instructions. One for cups and glasses, the other for plates and forks…I think I put my items in the wrong trays, but I’m never going back there anyway…

Rules and Regulations

By the time we got going the roads were dry, and the temperature and humidly was rising rapidly.

Today we are heading to Le Claire Iowa, to Antique Archaeology.
Another great road highway 20 takes us there. Two lane roller coaster hills, and corn. Miles and miles of corn.

Love The Old Barns

We cross the mighty Mississippi at Clinton. There is a huge Archer Daniels Midland factory and coal power plant here. Out of the grain and corn grown here they make food products for humans and animals. Plastic products out of corn, and even use bio mass to replace coal for power generation.

ADM'S Coal Storage Dome

The road is busier on this side of the river but Le Claire is not very far.

None of the pickers come out to greet us as we arrive at their store, they are not even around. The shop is interesting, some very nice pieces for sale, and the staff is cool. I even get a great recommendation for lunch, the Crane And Pelican its just  up the hill from their store.

The perfect clock for sale at  Antique Archaeology

Lunch is great a former Alaskan comes and joins us, and  soon we are heading north west and settled for the evening before the next round of thunder storms roll inn..


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