Sunday, July 12, 2015

Not On The Map

We have spent a few day’s here in Wisconsin. First at the Women on Wheels rally in Oconomowoc, then at the Wisconsin HOG Rally in Janesville.
At the WOW rally we took a ride that ended up at a Kelley’s Ice Cream. Sweet frozen hand crafted ice cream from cows that kept an eye on the place from not very far away.

Dairy Land

At the Wisconsin rally we took a ride that went to a chocolate shop, and then an Ice Cream shop.
Decadent Treats On The Ride.

I only had the ice cream…I looked at the chocolates, but the line was to long…
Today we head south to Illinois to a town that isn’t on any of the maps we have. Zumo trickster gps knows where it is though, and with the aid of the official Wisconsin map I plot a course to Union Illinois.

South through the county roads, then onto highway 14, and into Illinois.
We arrive at the Illinois Railroad Museum in Union as the grounds are opening for the day. With map in had we start to explore some of the many buildings that hold just aboot every kind of locomotive and street car that ever ran on the rails in the US

Some Of The Diesel Locomotives

Outside on the tracks one section is for steam locomotives, and another section is for diesel. Some of the engines run and others are being restored or being used for spare parts.

We take the electric trolley around the grounds and over on the steam side a noxious cloud of black coal smoke is rising up into the sky. One of the functioning steam engines is warming up, and soon will be pulling passenger cars filled with screaming children and their parents around the 4 miles of track that the museum has.
This museum is a great find. You can’t see it all in one day but I think we saw most of it. Check it out if you are ever around Union Illinois. It’s easy to find, but it isn’t on the map…


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