Saturday, July 4, 2015

Red Roads

If you have ever watched a western movie or a western tvee program from years past you have most likely seen parts of Angel Canyon, near Kanab, as lots and lots of films were shot there. Kanab's Little Hollywood
The canyon looks like a western movie, riding up there this morning I kept expecting to see gunslingers on horseback, or the morning stage coach. But we were not ambushed by outlaws, and we made it to the home of Best Friends animal rescue.

Young Human Aboot To Become Breakfast For The Pool Of Rescued Piranha

Best Friends rescues all kinds of critters, seeks homes for them and cares for the terminal homeless. Humans should have it so good…

It’s a nice Red Road out of Kanab with only a minor,  motor home traffic jam around the turnoff for Brice. 

Miles up the road  rolling across the high desert, we encounter lots of huge trucks with double trailers. What could they be hauling I wonder? Then there it is
Utah's Hunter Coal Power Plant
I should have known from the haze in the air. Burning coal in the desert, and hauling it there in diesel trucks, a double assault on the environment.
For all that is in this desert it could be lined with solar panels and the air wouldn’t be poisoned by coal power plants.

A Little Shade From Solar Panels Would Do This Lizard Good

The next coal plant we encounter the Carbon plant has already been shutdown because of new EPA regulations limiting the amount of mercury emissions, these plants can emit,  and the Hunter plant is due for shutdown by the end of the year.
Glad I was here to get a little extra mercury with my oxygen today.

Show Time Price Utah



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