Thursday, July 2, 2015

Barista Training Run

The check engine light that illuminated  then went off, then would come on and go off was more than a bit troubling especially at the beginning of a cross country road trip. I needed to have it checked, so I called the dealer in Saint George Utah, which is actually in Lincoln Utah, which is really Hurricane Utah, but the place was easy to find.

I parked over by the Service Department door and almost before I could get off my bike a fellow with a clip board came out to see what I needed. He wrote down all the important numbers, looked at my tires and brakes and then we went inside so he could hear my story.

They pulled my bike right in, and I got some shop coffee while my bike cooled off in the refrigerated air shop.  In not long at all it was ready to go, the code for going into safe mode was cleared, everything checked out all right and I was ready to roll.

The plan has been to meet up with Peppermint on Sunday in Kanab Utah but because of the light I am here a day early. Getting the bike okayed was worth it, and as I remember they have espresso in Kanab.

The coffee shop/book store/outdoor gear store is still here, and after getting settled into the hotel I wander down the street.
I ask the girl standing by the espresso machine for a tall Lungo.

She had no idea what a Lungo is, but was curious to find out how to make one. I showed her on a paper cup how much water to put, and then she started to pull a shot without putting water in the cup. When I mentioned that doing that would bruise the shot, and ruin the krem, the owner came around the counter and said she had never heard of that.

Next thing I knew they were experimenting on how to make the best Lungo ever. Putting the water in the cup first, was the best, but we all drank espresso into the wee hours of the morning and when I left the place it was night, I was wired, and every sprinkler in town this town in a desert was on full blast watering all the grass they grow in this desert town, but most of the water was just running down the gutters. I guess they don’t know aboot climate change here...
I hung out pool side waiting for Peppermint

Not the pool at Aikens Lodge Their pool is actually very nice and once the owner brought out the noodles it was even better. The girl at the coffee shop this morning knew what a Lungo is, and made me a good one, and I even picked up a new proper desert hat...
Desert Humming Bird
Life on the road is good.









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