Monday, February 9, 2015

Pumpkin Hookah"s

The other day returning from the desert we drove through Hemet California. In case you did not know Hemet is the birthplace of all Hemet's, and the final resting place of Dick Proenneke. I really do not understand the connection between these  two things but I am sure that it is beyond cosmic, spiritual and coincidental…

Heavy Metal Redwood Roadside Band

Our stop in Hemet was brief. We all had to use the washroom but didn’t need gas, so when we spotted a fast food outlet we pulled in. The establishment was a tad run down.  Walking into the washroom I found only one commode working and I was in line behind a woman who was having issues with bugs that only she could see . Those bugs were running all around the sink. When it was her turn at the commode it was too full of bugs for her. Lucky me!

Buggy At Best

For some reason all that made me think aboot my  California Hemet. It has never fit right, the visor rattles at highway speed or above, and the other day it fell off the seat and took a chunk out of the rattling visor. The only thing I liked aboot this Hemet was that it has a zip in neck curtain that is perfect for keeping your back dry in the occasional downpour.

I have looked at several of the Motor Company dealers and have never found another Hemet with a neck curtain or one that fits any better than the one I have.

 but right across the El Camino Real from the pedal bike store I have been visiting  I discovered a Cycle Gear store  and they have an entire wall, of Hemet's, floor to ceiling, a wall  so tall that if you want a Hemet on the top the clerk has to wear a Hemet, and climbing gear to get it down, And I not only found a matte one that fits, has a zip in neck curtain, cost under $100. 00,  Was approved by Dot who ever she is, and the clerk even shined it up before handing it over to me.
Wearing that Hemet home is when I discovered the smoke shop that is having a sale of Pumpkin Hookahs. Hope I have time to find out what that is all aboot….

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