Sunday, February 15, 2015

Expedition Mode

The other afternoon I was out strolling at one of my new favorite places to walk, the Blair Island Trails.

It was a warm afternoon and there weren’t many critters around, just a few ducks and a very large rabbit whose name I think was Jack.

Up a ways in the direction I was going I spotted Raven. You do not see a lot of Ravens around here Crow is more  plentiful here, so I thought that was cool that both times out on this trail I have spotted Raven… 
As I neared I could see there were two ravens, and they were very close to the trail, closer I got I could see they were on the trail, and they were not real concerned that I was approaching. I knew they were feasting on something and I was just aboot next to one of them before it sprang off the trail. The other one looked at me and hopped off the trail the other way leaving there prize for me to discover…

Peanut Butter, those ravens had a plastic jar of Peanut butter that they had pecked though and they were feasting on and  were totally under the influence of Peanut butter.
Glad I Didn't Have To Clean This Up
Yesterday with Peppermint we found another new place to explore the bay lands. Don Williams Wildlife Refuse. On a wonderful warm Saturday we had the place almost to ourselves
We ventured off the main trail and headed to what I thought was the approach to the abandoned span of the Dumbarton Bridge.
What we found was the bridge for the Hetch Hetchy water pipes that deliver water from Yosemite to the thirsty Bay area.
There were wooden ladders over the pipes so we didn’t actually climb on climb on the pipes like the rusted sign told us not to…
Bay Crossing of the Hetch Hetchy Water Pipes
Once over the water pipes I spotted two rail road signal searchlights on the long abandoned Southern Pacific rail spur that used to link the east and west bay
Back over the pipes and dodging the marsh and pickle weed we got back to our rented carriage, and headed for some lunch and to meet up with a couple of pals. One from Anchorage, and another for Pebble Beach. Our Chrysler 200 had other ideas and made a sound and displayed a battery red battery light. This can’t be good I thought so we headed to what we thought was the closest Enterprise office only to find it gone. Still on hold with road side assistance we headed north to the next Enterprise office in Redwood City where when the agent inspected the light it went off. Back looking for lunch the light came on again. 30 more minutes on hold as we headed to the airport to get another vehicle and piss off two nasty agents on the phone.
A new car and plan b in action, a late lunch, shopping for the last items we needed and home to pack, and ready for our South America Expedition
Through SFO and a change in LAX to the International Terminal and now south bound on a LAN Dream Liner for an 8 hour fright to Lima…
In Lima and waiting for the next leg to Santiago and Easter Island
Cement Moai by Kerriville Texas

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