Friday, February 20, 2015

Isla De Pascula

  Ahu Akivk

The ancient inhabitants of Isla De Pascula carved these statues with stone tools. Stone tools that were stronger than the rock they carved. They moved the statues from quarries miles away using vines as ropes and trees as rollers and supports.
At The Quarry Looking Down To   Ahu Akivk


Unfinished Moai In The Quarry

It is amazing to stand here and see these ancient wonders. The lifetimes it took to build the platforms, carve the Moai and move them.

The island has paved roads that make traveling easy. We used a rented minivan one day and rented scooters another. Rode somewhat tame horses to the top of the island, and back to the beach.
Miles of open land with cows and horses roaming around, and miles of fenced land with cows and horses on either side of the fence

Island Fence Line No Metal Posts Here

Our host here says that there are as many horses here as humans. Both species appear to be thriving.
The city Rapi Nui is clean, plenty of good restaurants, entertainment, electricity, phones and internet some of the time. Safe water and sewers, recycling of refuse, aboot the only thing you do not see at the historic sites are public washrooms, and trash cans, but that is part of being in a place that is somewhat wilder and unspoiled by first world crap.



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