Sunday, February 22, 2015

Exit Isla De Pascula

This morning we went out to the patio for our breakfast and daily dose of what passes for coffee here. Nescafe this brown powder that is served here IS NOT KOFFEE. It doesn’t even smell like koffee let alone taste like coffee
Nescafe Not Coffee
The other morning in desperation I ventured to a local shop that had an   espresso machine and had coffee shop fare on its menu. I ordered an Americana and what I got for $15,000. Pecos was a bitter brown liquid that had a semblance of coffee flavor. Gee
The Best Almost Coffee On The Island
The trip even without coffee is has been totally exciting, spellbinding, and has exceeded all my expiations.
Isla De Pascula is truly an isolated, unspoiled treasure. I hope it stays that way, but that outlook appears doubtful.
Our last mission before leaving was to walk to the post office and get our passports stamped with the coveted Easter Island stamp.
Easter Island Postal Stamp

Back at the lodge we waited with some other guest who were also leaving today. Our host Marcelo loaded us up first and we headed to the airport. A cab driver got in Marcelo’s way and an episode of horn honking ensued. Our host took us and our bags to the head of the line, made sure we got checked in, gave us shell necklaces, with chicken feathers, and our journey back to Santiago for customs, and then on to Lima and Buenos Aries had begun
LAN Drivers Going To Work
Oh and the open window in the toilet that someone could crawl through and then be in the post security gate area didn't seem to matter....

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